ALLU Screening & Processing Bucket

We recently dropped off a bucket to a composting business & ran organic material through the bucket. The previous process involved putting compost through the screening plant to retain the small particle size portion, with the majority of the material being oversize and ending up in the waste pile. The stock piles that the customer had was a combination of hard materials as well as wet material that most technologies struggle to process and either clog up or discard a significant portion of the product.

Enter an ALLU bucket fitted with TS Axe blades that screened the material from 0-25mm. By running the product through the ALLU bucket our customer managed to both enhance the product quality and break down the material. By processing the compost we are achieving a better soil composition and improved aerating at a lower cost. This is particularly important in order to achieve the correct nutrition and pH levels.

By having the ALLU conduct the pre-processing of the product straight onto the screening plant, the waste material was reduced to roughly a third to a quarter of the previous process. That means a significantly higher portion of the original input can be recovered, putting more cash into the owners pockets instead of having to manage a waste pile!

Clearly where the ALLU buckets are concerned we don’t just talk rubbish, ALLU’s actually transform waste into profits!

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