Who determines if something is inappropriate? Is it the giving or receiving a bottle of wine or a watch which is inappropriate? “What is the current % level of ethnic/race/age/gender (take your pick) employment within your total organisation?” – a very telling question. After the very positive response to last month’s article with lots of […]

hands in chuffs

Guilty until maybe proven innocent

  There’s a knock on your door. “Senior Sergeant Jones here, please come with me down to the station to answer some questions.” It’s Wednesday evening, you were just about to head off to your daughter’s netball training. Some of the neighbours see you walk down your driveway and hop into the back of the […]

Iron Ore Chart

Price lags – history can help predict the future

Happy to hear your tips, but predicting prices of commodities, exchange rates or share prices is nigh on impossible on a short term basis. On a longer term basis, it is a little easier, especially when you take a look at a few graphs and reflect on that prices of goods in Australia has remained […]


Glitz and glam doesn’t sell the jam

I once had a supplier who worked really hard and would rock up in an old green Mitsubishi Magna – a tired and tidy vanilla car. Like his car, his price was always competitive, and he provided a high level of reliable service. So much so, that late one Friday evening he had to drop […]


What gets measured, gets done

Well, the crystal ball fortune tellers from last year are remarkably quiet this year, but who could have predicted a year like 2020? This also tends to be the time to make New Years resolutions, which have a success rate not much higher than the odds of winning the Melbourne Cup. However, a bit from […]

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Unfair Contracts legislation (January 2016)

This has largely gone under the radar for most businesses because of the watering down from the original draft (as it passed through the Senate). But that doesn’t mean it is now impotent. The new legislation states that from November 2016, it will be illegal to use standard form contracts for any contract under $300,000 […]


Unfair Contracts takes its first bite (Nov 2017)

Faithful readers will recall from our January 2016 Newsletter the heads up about unfair contracts legislation that took effect November 2016. The first legal case using this legislation has now bitten its first victim. In essence, a company can not enter into a contract that creates a significant power imbalance between the parties. The easiest […]