Tidying up the business pay pen

From 1st of July 2019, the Federal Government will be making all their supplier payments in 20 days, down from the current 30 days. They are also working to get all State Governments to do the same, with NSW committed already. But the biggest change will come from the big step of forcing large corporations […]


Tackling the issues that never get talked about

Picture yourself in this situation. You receive a lawyer’s letter that you are being sued for a bullying and/or harassment incident. Allegations are made about an event that happened some months ago, but it is construed that it has been ongoing for some time. Whilst only scant details are available at this point in time, […]


ALLU Screening & Processing Bucket

We recently dropped off a bucket to a composting business & ran organic material through the bucket. The previous process involved putting compost through the screening plant to retain the small particle size portion, with the majority of the material being oversize and ending up in the waste pile. The stock piles that the customer […]


Cash flow – the life of your business

Cash is like blood that flows through the body: if it stops then the patient will die, even if the patient is otherwise healthy. A recent study by East & Partners found that for 86% of Construction companies their biggest issue is cash flow. Whether your business is growing (which is why 59% of businesses […]

Allu drums Blades

Transforming the future – all around Australia

      Transforming the future – all around Australia Hot on the successful launch of the ALLU Transformer products, RDW Excavator Parts (RDW) now has a national dealer network that shares the commitment to providing a value for money solution using high quality products. Equally important is the capability of the network to confidently […]


Let The Future Be Dammed

Let the future be dammed “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man how to catch a fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”. This statement applies not only to work, but to all finite resources. Another way to look at it is that we can spend now […]

used machinery

Things to Consider When Buying New or Used Machinery

When purchasing machinery, you need to ensure you make the right choices. To help you achieve the best possible outcome, we have put together a few tips to guide you when buying used earthmoving equipment. Consider Your Needs Make a list of uses you need the equipment to fulfil and weigh up your options. Consider […]


What gets measured gets done – set your 1% challenge!

What gets measured gets done – set your 1% challenge! The only way to improve is to know your starting point, set a goal, then measure tasks and performance that lead to that goal. Whether in business or on the sporting field, winners know and understand this. Many years ago now and reasonably early in […]

Allu municipal waste

Waste & Recycling in QLD

Waste & Recycling in QLD Queensland’s new waste levy was announced in Qld’s 2018/2019 State Budget in a bid to move towards a European model of recycling. The (LGAQ) Local Government Association of Queensland’s wants no waste sent to landfill by 2028, a goal which is already being achieved in Sweden and Finland in part […]


Money Where Your Mouth Is

Money where your mouth is Ever since we found that the statistics used to justify building toll roads and tunnels were so far out of whack with reality, you’d think that all researchers who conduct these studies should have learned from these findings so as not to repeat them. Actual traffic flows that turn out […]


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