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BEER Budgets

This is the time of the year when Government, businesses and households do their Budgets. But what is the point of a Budget? It’s a way of planning and tracking what your income is versus where you are spending/investing it, and then becomes a tool to basically keep yourself accountable for achieving your planned outcomes. […]

Flat lay of business concept

Planning to Fail

In the depths of a housing crisis, the Federal Government decides to override the planning approval granted in 2014 for a $1.4 billion makeover development with 3,600 dwellings stating environmental impacts require the area to remain undeveloped. The developer is now given 10 days to respond. Irrespective of whether you are for or against a […]


Trades in your future

The official line (according to last months “Universities Accord” report) is that Australia is transitioning to a knowledge-based economy with the goal of having 80% of working age Australians with a University qualification by 2050. Having teenage kids myself, we’ve talked a fair bit about career choices, and the reality of what education (Trade or […]

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Tough Love

“Treat them mean, keep them keen” – not the most endearing Valentines Day message, but a form of love advice that is said to work (until it collapses in a big heap). There are many business owners and managers that are feeling on the receiving end of this at present.

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Unfair Contracts to Bite Hard

In November 2016, the so-called Unfair Contracts legislation was passed, banning any contract from basically giving one party rights but not the other. But it has been largely ignored because there were no penalties. From November 2023 that has now changed, and the penalties are HUGE. This will affect all businesses, large and small.

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Which dollars count?

Money matters. Although social networking, creating a purpose in life and many other factors contribute to why people work, the primary reason is usually to ensure they have an income. But what is a “fair” income?

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Jumping off the Carousel

Having seen many people over the years changing employer more frequently than they change their preferred beverage, these people generally spin around on a carousel without actually getting anywhere career or money wise. What is the best way to further your career, and what can employers do to help you to mutual success?


Own it

We all make mistakes. The character of the person is how they react when they do, closely accompanied by learning from it so we don’t repeat it. After all, the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again, in the hope of getting a better result. But a lot of […]


No Common sense

Safety and environmental issues are a major consideration in every business. So why is it then that despite having training, policies and procedures accepted and in place within our industries now for decades, we still have very basic incidents that occur?