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Most countries in the world have citizens who are parochial. The people support their country at sporting events, and usually like to support their fellow countrymen in other contexts when given the opportunity. We’ve seen well intentioned policies designed to achieve a particular cause, such as Buy Australian campaigns to support local industries. But these […]


Do you know who you are buying from?

The internet has certainly changed the way customers buy, and it can be tempting to take advantage of what looks like a cheap price. Use caution though, so you can avoid these potential pitfalls. Did you know that if you import a product yourself from overseas, then legally you stand in the shoes of the […]

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Supporting a Sustainable Australia

Like most Australian’s, I care for the future of our country, and despair at what legacy we are leaving the next generation. Where is our Sustainability Plan? I spent a part of my early life in Sweden, a country that was proud to be one of only a handful of countries in the world that […]

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QRB Service News April

Another busy month has wrapped up with the Qld Rock Breaker service team. Remember we carry out servicing and repairs to all brands of rock breakers. With the recent wet weather both in Nth QLD and in SEQ, we have seen a rise in hammer service work due to water damage.

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ALLU award RDW with Global Excellence award for 2018.

      In its first full year since being appointed the exclusive ALLU importer for Australia. RDW and their National dealer network have been awarded the prestigious ALLU award of “ALLU Excellence”. The Award was distributed during the 2019 dealer conference in February, which was held in Hameenlinna Finland with the ALLU dealer network, […]

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How NOT to do a Deal

How NOT to do a Deal It’s been over two years in the making, with highly educated and powerful so called “elites” in charge and has played out daily over the news like a poorly scripted soap opera. It is a case study for Universities and all senior leaders on how NOT to negotiate and […]

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What you get for an hour

It’s interesting to compare people’s expectations of what they should pay for something. Why can some occupations or people charge several times more per hour than others? What is the correlation between charged rate and the cost of the service provided?


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