When choosing the right dozer for your project, few manufacturers can hold a candle to the build quality, comfort and reliability of Caterpillar (CAT) and Komatsu. Here at RDW, we’ve been supporting our customers with Australia’s best dozers since 1988, sourcing and supplying the most reliable new and used examples from all over the country.

Whether your working in construction, agricultural, shipping, mining or infrastructure projects, our team at RDW are professional machinery buyers who actively monitor the industry for the highest-quality dozers, to ensure you have the right tools for your project.

Here’s why clients keep returning to RDW:

  • You’ll have trusted advisors for selecting the right dozers, excavators, dump trucks and the other top end machinery for your projects:
  • We have a team of in-house, qualified fitters who check all machinery.
  • Need a part or attachment? We’re a leading Australian parts suppliers.

Just as important, all of our dozers (and other machinery) are prepared to your specifications and promptly delivered. Avoiding project delays while not cutting corners that affect short and long-term profitability is essential. Something our RDW team know all too well.

So when it comes to dozers, we carry the two leading manufacturers:

Caterpillar (CAT)

One hundred years ago, just outside of Oakland, California, a legend was born. In 1919, C.L. Best introduced the Best 60 Tracklayer that was later renamed the “Caterpillar Sixty”. This famous machine was part of an industrial revolution and a game changer, and CAT still leads the way today.

Fast forward 100 years and CAT dozers are still the preferred manufacturers for construction, mining, port handling/ship-hold and infrastructure industries due to their performance, versatility and fuel efficiency.

CAT dozers can move more material at a lower cost per tonne, in the safest possible way. Smoother grade finishes are a given.”

The engineering team at CAT are also heavily focused on user-friendliness, with designs that are extremely easy to operate, giving operators the confidence to tackle any project, big or small. CAT seems to always put in the right features and technology for their specific dozer sizes. Tech like slope assists, blade stabilisation functionality, traction control, eco mode and let’s not forget the heated seats for those chilly mornings.

For larger projects, CAT has developed tech that extends beyond the cabin. Take MineStar, software that helps you manage all project facets, from material tracking to advanced real-time fleet management, machine health systems, autonomous equipment systems and more.

Choosing the right CAT dozer, however, can be difficult. Larger production dozers such as Caterpillar’s D6 through D11 are designed for moving, smaller dozers are often used as “finish-grade dozers”, but it all depends on your needs. In essence, CAT dozers come in a variety of sizes and options to suit the project’s needs, 7 tonne (55kW) to awe-inspiring 100 tonne (634 kW) options.

That’s why it’s best to chat with your local RDW expert on 07 3875 1358 or get in touch here:


Komatsu first entered the Australian market in the 1960s, and have been making outstanding quality dozers since with a full line-up for small sites, to significant earthworks. Komatsu’s dozer range is designed around the application, like final-trim work, agriculture and forestry applications to heavy construction and mining.

Recently Komatsu introduced a unique intelligent Machine Control (iMC) system to help increase site productivity, efficiency and project accuracy, something our RDW team can help you with.

With lower ownership prices and excellent resale, it’s no surprise that Komatsu is one of the top-selling excavators in Australia, with robust and easy to operate designs, across all models.

RDW has sourced some of the best Komatsu examples around so you can get into a Komatsu dozer to get your project underway. Please feel free to get in touch with our team.

Get expert RDW advice today

We can help you find the right dozer for increased uptime and lower maintenance. Some areas our RDW team can guide you on include:

  • Understanding your CAT or Komatsu dozer undercarriage for easier maintenance and the most economical operating cost per hour. Some clients wear their pins and bushings to destruction, other benefits from a long-life assembly like CAT’s SystemOne setup. We can help you choose the best approach.
  • Maximising operator productivity and fuel. Approximately 75% of operating costs are absorbed in operator costs and fuel, and these are expenses you can’t avoid. You can, however, maximise productivity and profit with strategies like advanced training, so your operators spend less time blading air, and more time moving dirt. Just ask our team.
  • Help guide you on the best on the right dozer for the soil you’re moving or finishing, as this directly impacts operating costs, maintenance intervals and therefore profits.

Fully backed by RDW’s workshop facility.

RDW doesn’t just sell dozers. We have our own team of qualified, fully trained service technicians and diesel fitters on-site to undertake virtually any repair or upgrade to your specifications.

Some of the ongoing dozer support we offer includes:

  • Field service repair and maintenance services.
  • Undercarriage replacements and upgrades.
  • New attachments and upgrade services.
  • All engine rebuilds are fully certified.

RDW also carry more than 35,000 line items in our Australian inventory, so no matter how big or small your project is, RDW is here to help you find the right dozer for your projects.

Please contact the RDW team on 07 3875 1358 to discuss your dozer and machinery needs. RDW is proudly 100% Australian owned and operated.