Simex Wheel Saw - Self Leveling

Specially recommended for minitrenching and microtrenching for laying fiber optic cables.

Designed for fixed-section trenching on hard and compact surfaces, asphalt, cement and rock. Full protection of the wheel at any working depth guarantees maximum safety of persons and property.

The hydraulic piston motors in direct drive with the cutting disk provide maximum hydraulic efficiency and high cutting force. Specially recommended for laying fiber optic cables.

Simex Wheel Saw - Self Leveling

  RW500 RW700
Trench width mm 50-130 80-130
Trench depth mm 250-500 500-700
Depth adjustment   hydraulic hydraulic
Side shift mm hydraulic hydraulic
Operating weight 1 kg
Required oil flow
l/min 90-160 110-160
Required oil pressure 2 bar 300-180 300-180

1 User is responsible for ensuring that the equipment meets the prime mover’s specifications and weight requirements.

2 Pressure must be inversely proportional to the flow rate available and vice versa.