A Hybrid Caterpillar 336E H Offers Green Vehicle Technology

Caterpillar has decided to jump on the green technology bandwagon with their new Hybrid 336E H excavator. There is no reason why hybrid technology should be reserved for transport vehicles as earthmoving equipment generates and uses large amounts of power which in turn increases operational costs for construction projects and equipment owners.

What is the Hybrid excavator?

Described as a socially responsible machine the excavator is an electric-diesel hybrid design that reportedly uses 25% less fuel compared with the non-hybrid version. The energy recovery mechanism stores energy during operation down time or when the machine is slowing and utilises it when the excavator begins to accelerate. The excavator may repeat this cycle every several seconds which means there is a significant energy savings opportunity. Caterpillar’s 336E H has a fuel conservation pump to aid transition between hydraulic hybrid power sources and is equipped with an intelligent valve that manages restrictions and flows so that that there is no loss of power for the machine.

Why Hybrid technology?

This highly-researched and tested hybrid excavator technology is likely to cost more than its non-hybrid counterparts, but it has been estimated that operators could recoup costs, based on fuel savings, in as little as one year. It also meets the stringent ‘Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB’ emission standards and also operates much more quietly than its Caterpillar excavator predecessors. Caterpillar emphasises the point that the new CAT 336E H Excavator will give owners access to green vehicle technology to assist in minimising their carbon footprint without compromising on power, control, hydraulic power or lift capability.

Where to now?

Caterpillar officially launched the 336E H excavator in April 2013 at Bauma, the world’s largest construction equipment show in Munich, Germany. The technological advancements include more than 300 filed patents which is a testament to the strength of Caterpillar’s strategy and the talent of its employees. RD Williams recognises that by working with top brands such as Caterpillar their mission of building strength through quality is sustained. For a comprehensive choice of high-quality brand name excavators and excavator parts for sale in Brisbane look no further than RD Williams.

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