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Knowing Good People

  Another year is upon us, and I predict it to be a tumultuous one. Or as Donald Rumsfeld famously said: “There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say, we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns — […]

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Money Where Your Mouth Is

Money where your mouth is Ever since we found that the statistics used to justify building toll roads and tunnels were so far out of whack with reality, you’d think that all researchers who conduct these studies should have learned from these findings so as not to repeat them. Actual traffic flows that turn out […]

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Fitting Times

Fitting times As for any business or industry, it is important to pre-empt upcoming issues and factors that will impact on us, so we can plan accordingly. I found this chart by Queensland Economic Advocacy Solutions (QEAS) on Qld Apprenticeships particularly concerning. Once a problem is identified, it’s important to find a solution, but on […]

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Saving a buck at tax time

Saving a buck at tax time A dollar saved is a dollar earned. It’s an old saying, and I sometimes get concerned that many people and companies often forget the basics. Crikey, even some senior financial editors and economic commentators don’t understand the difference between revenue and profit, so one wonders what hope there is […]


Encouraging the next generation

The foundation for ensuring the next generations success in business is to instil in them the same enthusiasm as the founder has. As well as of course sharing knowledge that has come from many years of making good (and bad) decisions, the founder needs to pass on the reigns to a particular character of person […]


Comparisons – Think Big!

Aren’t comparisons great? Depending on how you define your scope, you can learn so much from them. For instance, how is it that a lunch truck blowing a horn can drag 10-15 people together from within 500m in 30 seconds flat, but even for scheduled meetings, try to get 3 people together on time and […]


Rules good for…?

As of 2012, all pallet racking will require regular inspection. We checked with our Racking provider how common a problem falling racking was, and we could not find one single reported injury from racking falling except for at the time it was hit. Having racking checked for static safety will therefore not improve safety one […]

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Unfair Contracts takes its first bite

Faithful readers will recall from our January 2016 Newsletter the heads up about unfair contracts legislation that took effect November 2016. The first legal case using this legislation has now bitten its first victim. In essence, a company can not enter into a contract that creates a significant power imbalance between the parties. The easiest […]

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Solar Farm burns money

Imagine putting $100 in the bank and getting back a guaranteed $83 a year for four years, and then $59 a year for the next decade — all taxed at a maximum rate of 30 per cent. Your 2.9 per cent high interest saver account, taxed at 39 per cent, isn’t looking so good. Courtesy […]