Ironic Business Blunders

With lots of chest beating from many businesses lately about improving efficiencies and productivity, below is a short list of some blunders that perhaps show how far removed some businesses are from what goes on:

  1. When we couldn’t access our online banking accounts, one of our very profitable big 4 banks tried to fix an issue. They mailed us a floppy disk (yes, the old big square one you had last century)… Guess they haven’t been re-investing profits for many years to raise service levels and upgrade IT systems. A well managed efficient business?
  2. One of Australia’s main freight companies recently brought out a new tracking system which scans goods on loading and unloading of the pick up truck. Great concept. Trouble is, it doesn’t scan product on and off at the local re-distribution warehouses, so when goods get loaded on the wrong truck for long distance transport, they still can’t find goods because it could be anywhere in the country…
  3. On a construction site, a scissor lift was tagged out because it had a plug in one of the tyres, must have had a flat. An inspection was undertaken of a second one, and it too had a plug in the middle of the tyre, so was stood down. A third scissor lift had the same issue with a plug in the same position, so the remaining 20 or so hired scissor lifts were tagged out. Work largely stopped on site for a couple of days, until the manufacturer representative finally managed to get in touch with the right person on site and could point out that they were solid filled tyres… One wonders if we realise who pays for this incompetence and why we collectively put up with it.

There is a Santa Claus!

If you don’t believe, you won’t receive, as they say. Oh, how we want to believe. We want to believe that by Europe and the US kicking the financial burden further down the road, somehow the obligation to pay back an ever increasing debt will go away. Or that by saying a phrase like “improving productivity” enough times but without taking ownership of the problem (whether you are a Business Manager, Politician, or Union official), suddenly we’ll increase Australia’s competitiveness. But what’s been forgotten is that Santa only gives presents to those who have done good deeds first. Sometimes he makes mistakes (like giving astronomical subsidies to put in solar panels). Maybe we’re lucky the Grinch can take away (by changing the scheme), so those 80% who didn’t fall for the imported solar panel con have to pay for those who did – or maybe it was the 80% who didn’t take the handout who fell for it?

Seasons Greetings

We’d like to extend a sincere Thank You to all our valued customers who have supported us in 2012. It’s been terrific working with you, and we hope to be able to add value to your business in 2013 and well into the future too. Seems like most businesses and industries are closing to take advantage of the way holidays fall this year, so hopefully it’ll give everyone a chance to rest, relax and spend time with friends and family. Hopefully our Tourism industry will get a boost too.

The RD Williams businesses will be on reduced staffing levels over the Christmas period. Our workshops are booked out until after New Years, but we are now taking bookings for January to give you the opportunity to have your machines in top condition for next year.

From all of us at RD Williams, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As always, Onwards and Upwards!

Fred Carlsson
General Manager

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