Optimum Performance and Durability with PneuVibe Compaction Plates

PneuVibe Compactor Plates

RD Williams pride ourselves on being our clients’ total earthmoving equipment solution. Our extended range of earthmoving machineryearthmoving partsexcavator partsrock breakers and workshop services means we can offer over 42,000 product lines which delivers a complete earthmoving solution that suits all budgets.


PneuVibe’s series of boom operated compactor plates is a quality addition to RD Williams’ range of products. They offer in-field tested high performance compaction equipment to suit the needs of workers in the civil, mining and industrial construction industries. All of PneuVibe’s equipment is Australian-made to support local workers and production facilities.

PneuVibe’s Compaction Plates Suitability

The new CP Series Compactor is simple to connect to your machine’s existing hydraulics and is even easier if you have existing hydraulic hammer piping. PneuVibe’s series of boom mounted compactor plates are suitable for a number of project types from narrow trench creation to large backfill operations. They offer one of the most efficient means for vertical and inclined compaction.

PneuVibe’s Compaction Plates Usability

PneuVibe’s compaction plates are easy to operate, combining sheet and pile driving ability to compact most soil types at varying density levels in efficient lift capacities. The vibration is created through the compaction plates rotating the eccentric and combined with a downwards pressure from the carrier, generating impulse force which can be placed anywhere your boom can reach.

Performance and Durability

PneuVibe has a focus on optimum performance and durability for their range of products and equipment. Their compaction plates have been engineered for direct and easy attachment especially to quick hitch arrangements which saves time and increases efficiency. They also have a built-in priority valve system with an internal loop to monitor the flow of oil and provide accurate performance by the plate. With rubber vibration mounts and protective cradles for the hydraulic motor the compaction plates have been designed to minimise wear and abrasion for maximum flexibility and durability.

We welcome our clients to try the PneuVibe Compaction Plates for themselves and see the difference they can make to their operations. RD Williams stands behind all of their products as we strive to maintain our reputation as suppliers of value for money earthmoving solutions of the highest quality.


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