Rammer Rock breakerOne commonly overlooked component for any Rock Breaker is grease.

Just any old grease will work???  WRONG

From time to time we see excessive wear on the chisel and lower bush assembly that can sometimes be attributed to under greasing or incorrect grease being used.

Our Premium Rock Breaker Grease has been tested for correct viscosity at operating temperature’s and ability to stick to the chisel and bush, the two major properties required in any rock breaker grease.

Weather it’s an Auto lube unit or hand grease gun applied; grease should be visibly running down the chisel during operation.





When hand greasing with a grease gun, as a general rule, grease should be applied every hour during operation.

This keeps the bush and chisel lubricated and clean, improving component lifetime and reduced running costs on the breaker. Adding value to your hip pocket.

Our grease is available to suit a range of breakers and auto lube systems.

Call the team today to place your order.  07 3715 0800    Discounts available for bulk purchases.

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