Handy piece of equipment

By adding a versatile PneuVibe Compactor Plate to their range of attachments has given the GWT Earthmoving fleet more flexibility in meeting the requirements of a variety of works.

With 30 years of experience in the industry Noel Giebel, the owner of the GWT Earthmoving in Pine Mountain Queensland has built a strong reputation of excellence and an extensive knowledge base of the earthmoving and construction industry.

Having a large and modern fleet of earthmoving equipment and a team of 20 experienced employees has enabled GWT Earthmoving to become a true “one stop shop” for all earthworks needs.

“Maintaining and updating the plant and machinery fleet is critical for our business and about 18 months ago it was time to invest in a versatile compactor plate we could rely on and which would also be a good investment for the long term” said Mr Giebel.

After some research on the Internet Mr Giebel came across a PneuVibe brand of compactor plates and he contacted the manufacturer in Melbourne. In Australia, PneuVibe attachments are distributed through an independent network of highly experienced dealers and the manufacturer referred Mr Giebel to a local dealer in Queensland, Queensland Rock Breakers.

“I met with Arthur Lewis from Queensland Rock Breakers to discuss different job requirements and he recommended the PneuVibe CP301 for compacting applications and an optional Post Clamp for applications that require picking up, placing and driving posts” explained Mr Giebel.

“We obtained the PneuVibe CP301 in May 2014 and the fact that PneuVibe is made in Australia made the purchase decision easy as I wanted to support an Australian manufacturer and use the products made in Australia” says Mr Giebel, who was born and bred in Brisbane.

Attached to a 22 tonne excavator, the PneuVibe CP301 Compactor plate has now been operating for 18 months; sometimes working every day of the month in a variety of compaction and post driving applications.

“Having now used the PneuVibe for 18 months, I must say it has proven to be a very handy piece of equipment and I can definitely recommend it for any compacting and post driving application.”

“Reliability of the PneuVibe coupled with the local support from Queensland Rock Breakers gives me the confidence that I can deliver what I promise to my customers” added Mr Giebel.

Manufactured in Australia, Pneuvibe has been producing excavator mounted plate compactors for over 20 years. The PneuVibe range of compactor plates features eight models, all of which deliver a class leading frequency and centrifugal force to weight ratio. Their patented rubber design ensures rubber mounts are in compression whilst in operation. This system ensures increased rubber mounts life and minimises vibration transmitted to the boom, thus reducing wear on the excavator’s pins and bushings.

PneuVibe compactor plates can be mounted on carriers from 1.5 tonne up to 25+ tonnes and operating is simple as the impulse force generated from the vibration and static down pressure enables compacting of most soil types to required density levels.

All Pneuvibe compactor plates include as standard a priority flow valve which protects the hydraulic motor from excess oil flow from the excavator. This feature allows the compactor to be swapped between excavators without having to worry about checking the oil flow to the compactor, perfect for a hire companies with many excavators.

With optional clamping devices PneuVibe can also effectively combine sheet and drive posts from 50mm to 300mm diameter.

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