RD Williams Loves the Dancing JCB Digger

Party tricks are always enjoyable and for the case of Wilf Brown his trick took his children’s school fete exhibition by storm. One year his children requested that he take his JCB digger to the school celebration and show the crowd how the back bucket could burst a balloon. Wilf took the show-and-tell to a new level by manoeuvring the digger in some unusual ways.


The dancing digger

Wilf has been a farmer for 40 years operating earthmoving equipment and machinery such as excavators and diggers on his property. He knows a thing or two about how the machinery operates and uses that to enhance the display of his favourite JCB digger. The demonstration involves Wilf manoeuvring the digger to crazy angles and positions in time to a roaring rock n’roll soundtrack.

A growing love for dancing diggers

During his first JCB digger display he decided to tip it over a bit and lift it up partially which inevitably exhilarated the crowd. Now the demonstrations are a hobby of Wilf’s some twenty years later. He credits the on-going interest to enjoying how the shows bring happiness to the audience and his love of talking to new people.

JCB Dancing Diggers

Brown’s love of the dancing digger is not alone. To demonstrate his faith in the hydraulic failsafes on JCB machines the founder of JCB, Joe Cyril Bamford, arranged to have several backhoes raise themselves up on their arms and drove his car beneath them.

Now JCB has its own stunt team. The JCB display team (JCB Dancing Diggers) tour agricultural shows and produce videos, showing some of the unusual ways in which such vehicles can support themselves or manoeuvre. The display team expanded this concept into a sort of vehicle gymnastics. The drivers are members of JCB’s demonstration team, who visit prospective customers and demonstrate machines on the customer’s property in order to prove the machine’s suitability for the task at hand.

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