RD Williams Sponsors GKC Racing

RD Williams is recognised as the pre-eminent supplier of quality used machinery, new, used and reconditioned excavator parts and service support to the earthmoving equipment industry throughout Australia. Their aim is to be Australia’s leading earthmoving machinery and construction industry supplier.  With a reputation built on committed staff and satisfied customers, RD Williams are leaders in their field which allows them to identify with people who excel in their area such as GKC Racing.

ANDRA (Australian National Drag Racing Association) is the drag racing sanctioning body of Australia and its races operate throughout Australia all year round across all levels from Top Fuel to Junior Dragster. The competitive drivers race on everything from regional tracks to international standard facilities in capital cities.

RD Williams is proud to sponsor GKC Racing who are leading ANDRA Group 2 competitors from Queensland. Despite being what is referred to as an amateur sport racing team, they are passionate about their chosen sport. The dedicated team members who work with GKC Racing are committed to developing their racing car to the highest possible standards. By keeping their fingers on the pulse for the latest in technology especially fuel systems they are able to build their competitive edge in the ANDRA racing competitions. RD Williams recognises this commitment to quality through research and dedication and is proud to be associated with GKC Racing.

At the moment the GKC Racing team are testing their new vehicle components to ensure they are leading contenders for the Round 3 JP Racing Eighth Mile Series at Willowbank this August. RD Williams would like to acknowledge their fighting spirit and wish them the best of luck for their upcoming races for the 2013 racing season.

GKC Racing

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