Tips to get the most out of your Rock Breaker

Here is our top tips to get the most out of your Rock Breaker.

1. Ensure your Rock Breaker is continuously greased at regular intervals.
Long – Lasting Grease available to keep your Rock Breaker well lubricated.

2. Regularly check the wear status of chisel, bushes and chisel pin. Excessive wear of bushes and chisel can cause chisel head and piston damage.
Wide range of Rock Breaker Parts available to get your Rock Breaker back to good working order.

3. To increase the durability of your Rock Breaker, ensure it is serviced on a regular basis.
Our In-House Workshop facilities and dedicated staff are well equipped to inspect, repair or rebuild all makes and models of Rock Breakers.

4. Never use a Rock Beaker in a ‘lever’ motion or drop the rock breaker on an object being broken. Doing so may damage the Rock Breaker and Excavator.
Chisel Sharpening service available and a wide range of new chisels to suit most makes & models in stock now.

5. For the best working efficiency, move the impact point from the edge to the centre.

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for all your Rock Breaker Parts & Repair requirements.

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