The Largest 28-Tonne Rock Breaker in Africa

A Swedish industrial company has created a mammoth rock breaker capable of the most extreme earthmoving projects. A  South African based company that is the world’s largest primary producer of platinum is the proud recipient of the largest pedestal boom rock breaker in Africa. The South African company is is already at the forefront of leading earthmoving and mining equipment; as their crusher is the largest primary gyrator in the Southern Hemisphere.

About the mammoth rock breaker

The rock breaker, designed in 2008, was specifically designed to tolerate the taxing environment of South African rock mining. The platinum producing company required this large rock breaker to complement its enormous crusher and increase their mining production. Since beginning at the mine in South Africa the rock breaker has been working to capacity.

Features of the rock breaker

The rock breaker is a 28-tonne machine powered by a 110-kW hydraulic power pack which is also electronically powered. The rock breaker has a boom and hammer and its boom-mounted hammer is capable of reaching into the large crusher to break any oversized rock fractions, even those up to 2 metres in diameter. An electric-over-hydraulic control system is used to aid operation as it can be performed remotely which means workers are kept away from dust and noise exposure.

It has a flexible, shock-absorbing base through a series of heavy-duty rubber pods even though the base itself is secured to the concrete. The exclusive shock-absorbing design ensures that the weight of the rock breaker won’t tear the hold-down bolts from the concrete base. This system also protects against excessive vibration. Now that’s impressive!

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