What Quiet Quitting means to you

Do you have Quiet Quitters in your midst? Are they quitting on you, or on their lives in general? Why are they professing to this mindset, and what can you do about it? Quiet Quitting started on TikTok and is moving onto other social media through the “look at me” influencers. As the term is […]

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Tying a noose?

As a society, we tend to be slow learners. After every boom, there is an inevitable bust. And the worst affected when the ride comes to an end is those who locked themselves in at the peak. Whilst it’s very tempting for businesses to grab every opportunity, especially when securing scarce resources, are you locking […]

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Game Changer

Somewhat quietly, game changing legislation takes effect from 1st of July that will have massive future benefits for all Machinery owners to have machines repaired at a competitive price using a repairer and parts of your choice. The “Right to Repair” legislation makes it mandatory for OEM’s to give access to repair information (and stops […]

Flat lay of business concept

Contracts not worth the paper

  For the first time in history, we are hearing companies or indeed entire industry sectors telling their customers to go elsewhere. They are in the predicament of having to choose between going broke now or trying to renegotiate often fixed price contracts to something workable. So what’s gone wrong? Contracts can smell very fishy […]

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The Great Re-Shuffle

“The grass isn’t always greener” – we all know the truth in this saying but forget the risks and do it anyway. In an economy and society that is the envy of the rest of the world, it’s hard to understand why many people are trashing the safe, secure and proven concepts for uncertainty. In […]

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From Small Things

Some years ago in my motorbike riding days, I recall a friend whose wife encouraged him to give up smoking on the basis that he could do whatever he liked with the money. In a short space of time, he bought himself a motorbike. The money he saved paid for all the running costs, including […]


Not all track plates are the same

You don’t even need to scratch beneath the surface to see that not all track plates (nor parts for that matter) are the same. Some customers prioritise price over all other considerations, but be aware that this could be costing you money. So, even though they may look the same, what’s the difference?


Prepare for the unexpected

The next two years will be the most difficult time for many decades in which to manage business. We can usually plan for expected or reasonably foreseeable events and circumstances. Known unknowns are inconvenient, but also something we can handle. But Donald Rumsfeld once said, it is the unknown unknowns – the ones we don’t […]