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Unfair Contracts legislation (January 2016)

This has largely gone under the radar for most businesses because of the watering down from the original draft (as it passed through the Senate). But that doesn’t mean it is now impotent. The new legislation states that from November 2016, it will be illegal to use standard form contracts for any contract under $300,000 […]


Unfair Contracts takes its first bite (Nov 2017)

Faithful readers will recall from our January 2016 Newsletter the heads up about unfair contracts legislation that took effect November 2016. The first legal case using this legislation has now bitten its first victim. In essence, a company can not enter into a contract that creates a significant power imbalance between the parties. The easiest […]


Payment Times Reporting Bill 2020 (May 2020 Newsletter)

Last year, the Federal Government put in place that Government is to pay all suppliers within 20 days. In addition to this, legislation (known as the Payment Times Reporting Bill 2020) was introduced to Parliament last week that requires businesses with a total annual income of more than $100 million to report on how and […]

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Fairness gets you furthest

  Things are looking up for the engine room of Australia’s economy – with changes set to allow small and medium sized businesses to grow and flourish. Hot on the tail of the Payment Times Reporting Bill 2020 (that strives to force down invoice payment times to 30 days), the Unfair Contracts legislation is now […]


How will the new Insolvency reforms impact your business?

In what will be the biggest shake up to insolvencies in 30 years, new legislation is set to take effect from January 1, 2021 that will impact on all businesses. Gone will be the “one-size-fits-all” model of the past, instead giving smaller companies more control of the restructure process through less costly systems, thereby improving […]


Australians standing up for ourselves

Rod Williams always reminded me that “bad things happen when good people do nothing”. Since the start of Covid19, there have been an average of 3,300 jobs lost in the private sector per day. Without being too dramatic, it has become clear that now more than ever do we need to speak out and look […]


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