Surfing the Insolvency Wave

Insolvencies this year are 59% lower than 2019, which should be great news. Except, like a lot of “soothing” data of late, it is actually the sound of the tsunami siren giving an early warning of pending destruction. Based on trying to instil confidence for businesses to invest, the Federal Government has rather quietly announced […]


How Do i Choose the Best Used Excavator Parts?

Even the toughest working machines need a little TLC occasionally.   In fact, due to the tough job that most excavators have, it is likely that some or even most excavator parts will eventually need to be replaced.   Luckily, almost any part of an excavator can be replaced and at the RD Williams Excavator Parts Workshop we are here to […]

Happy business people making a deal

Beware of the “employee” relationship

Whilst not as exciting as talking about a workplace affair, there are two recent developments in relation to the employer/employee relationship that should prick the ears up of every business owner and manager. Casuals are no longer casual, and sub-contractors (despite having their own machinery etc) could very well be deemed employees. The impact could […]

broken down car

Genuine versus Aftermarket – what’s the difference?

Not all things are made the same, but many are. Just like there are differences between the quality of machines from different manufacturers, the same applies to aftermarket parts. Sadly, some people lump good quality aftermarket parts into the same basket as the rubbish ones, when in fact they could be the exact same parts […]

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The heart of the Australian Economy

It’s not often banks get a positive plug, but I’ll put forward National Australia Bank (NAB) for its submissions this week about the importance of Small and Medium Businesses (SME) to the Australian economy, together with an 8 point productivity enhancing reforms package. SME’s accounts for 99% of all companies, two in three of ALL […]

Image of routine undercarriage inspection

Maintenance Reminder!!

Proper maintenance maximises fuel efficiency and reduces operating costs as well as equipment failure. Scheduled maintenance can help contain these expenses and maximise productivity.