Supporting Australia

In true Aussie spirit, it is fantastic to see us all wanting to help bush fire victims, albeit in different ways. Australians supporting Australians is an integral part of what makes our great society so resilient. Whilst it will take a while, we will rebuild, or even better, improve on what we had before this […]

QRB team

Ready For Another Year

QLD Rock Breakers proud family history dates back to the mid 1990’s. Formed in a small Brisbane suburban workshop it has grown to become a leading supplier throughout Australia of not only Premium rock breakers but also large specialised attachments that add value and cost reductions to the industry’s end customers business. Our team has […]

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Tatts a Bit Offensive

The days of having fun are getting fewer and farther apart with too many fun police around. We always like to put on a nice Christmas Party in all our businesses to show appreciation of the hard work our people put in through the year. As an employer, having Christmas parties nowadays is a risky […]

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When the going gets tough

Construction and other earthmoving associated industries are facing some headwinds at present. It’s easy to simply complain about it, but the ones who will outperform others are those who live by the old saying “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. There are some obvious things that all businesses can do, but perhaps […]

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Landing in a tax mess

Landing in a tax mess Our society would cease to function if we didn’t have tax revenue. So it is important that taxes are collected fairly, and that they are used effectively. Not many taxes are more unfair than those around property. But that only affects the rich property owners, so who cares, right? Not […]

ally multiple

ALLU Attachments & Applications Continue To Expand

The solution whatever your material ALLU continues to expand and add value to business across the globe. Some of the many applications that Qld Rock breakers and RDW group have seen a great benefit for business include. Landscaping and Agriculture: with the versatile DL Transformer Series. Earth Moving and Demolition: Reducing waste Increasing profits with […]

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Woke – broken Leadership

After a world record 28 years of uninterrupted GDP growth, there will come a time when the music slows. A rising tide lifts all boats, but it is when the tide subsides that you can see who was swimming naked. This will be the time when we see which businesses have had real leaders who […]


Mining’s importance to us

Thank you, Miners! Australia this month will have its first current account surplus since 1975 – all thanks to the near doubling of resources exports from $160 billion in 2016 to $275 billion just three years later. Did you know that resources now account for three-quarters of Australia’s goods exports? Our top three exports (iron […]


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