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Things to Consider When Buying New or Used Machinery

When purchasing machinery, you need to ensure you make the right choices. To help you achieve the best possible outcome, we have put together a few tips to guide you when buying used earthmoving equipment. Consider Your Needs Make a list of uses you need the equipment to fulfil and weigh up your options. Consider […]

Excavator Undercarriage

Quick Tips to help Maintain your Excavator Undercarriage

It was once a common practice in the heavy equipment industry to run a set of tracks until they failed or came apart. This was in part due to a lack of properly trained operators and to a greater extent the fact that excavators were designed more for ease of production rather than serviceability. Thankfully, […]


Rules good for…?

As of 2012, all pallet racking will require regular inspection. We checked with our Racking provider how common a problem falling racking was, and we could not find one single reported injury from racking falling except for at the time it was hit. Having racking checked for static safety will therefore not improve safety one […]

Quick Hitch

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Tefra Quick Hitch/Coupler

Fully automatic Dual Positive Lock Hydraulic Quick Hitch/Coupler

RD Williams Excavator Parts & Hill Engineering have come together to offer the Australian market a fully automatic dual positive hydraulic quick coupler.

The Tefra Quick Hitch/Coupler offers a range of models to suit 3-120 Tonne Excavators, all makes & models.

Click here to view our range of Tefra Quick Hitch/Couplers
Phone RD Williams Excavator Parts on 07 3715 0800 to order or request more information about the Tefra Quick Hitch/Coupler.


 Product Information & Installation Guide for Tefra Quick Hitch/Coupler

Tefra Quick Hitch/Coupler Features & Benefits

The TEFRA Quick Hitch/Coupler offers the following features & benefits:

Dual Locking
– Tefra locks both the front and rear attachment pins in the event of a hydraulic failure.

Simplicity – Tefra has only three moving parts, the fewest of any double locking coupler.

Smart Valve – Hill Smart Valve ensures the attachment is in a safe position before the release sequence is permitted.

Single Cylinder Design – totally enclosed piston rod, no external pipes, eliminating the risk of damage.

Failure Indicator – a failure condition allows limited movement of the attachment upon the coupler indicating a problem.

Universal Pick Up
– Coupler has the ability to pick up attachments from different machine manufacturers within its weight range.

Quick HitchTefra Quick Hitch

Frequently Asked Questions

Meets AS4772-2008 Standards? Yes.

Complicant to future standards? Yes. Independent Government testing has passed the Tefra design to meet or exceed the proposed International ISO Standard.

Automatically locked into position? Yes. Front hooks closes first, then rear hook. Pins will be held firmly, even with slight variance in bucket pin centres.

Dual Lock Design? Yes. If the hydraulics fail, both pins remain locked into position. The bucket cannot swing on one pin.

Mechanical & Positive Safety System? Yes, see Safety Locking Mechanisms below.

Multiple Safety Locking Mechanisms?
1. Primary is Hydraulic activation.
2. Secondary is hook shape, where the geometry of the pick up forces the hooks to stay closed.
3. Third is Active Protection System consisting of two separate powerful springs that apply pressure to the hooks.

What happens if hydraulics fail? In an event of the hydraulic failing, the bucket stays on both pins through the safety systems, however, the bucket will have some movement on the pins to provide indication of failure to the operator.

Detach Sequence? Yes. The Smart Valve system does not allow the bucket to detached unless in the fully crowded in position.

What is a Smart Valve? A Smart Valve is a simple float device that prevents Hydraulic Oil from flowing to the cylinder unless the hitch is in the fully crowded in position.

Can the bucket become detached whilst digging? No. The operator must intentionally go through the re-lease sequence within the permitted release zone.

Comparisons – Think Big!

Aren’t comparisons great? Depending on how you define your scope, you can learn so much from them. For instance, how is it that a lunch truck blowing a horn can drag 10-15 people together from within 500m in 30 seconds flat, but even for scheduled meetings, try to get 3 people together on time and […]

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Unfair Contracts takes its first bite

Faithful readers will recall from our January 2016 Newsletter the heads up about unfair contracts legislation that took effect November 2016. The first legal case using this legislation has now bitten its first victim. In essence, a company can not enter into a contract that creates a significant power imbalance between the parties. The easiest […]

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Solar Farm burns money

Imagine putting $100 in the bank and getting back a guaranteed $83 a year for four years, and then $59 a year for the next decade — all taxed at a maximum rate of 30 per cent. Your 2.9 per cent high interest saver account, taxed at 39 per cent, isn’t looking so good. Courtesy […]

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The employer/employee pay disconnect

All business owners and managers have at some point been in the position of reviewing employee pays. Most will only do this in the context of a person being paid $X per hour in wages, as opposed to outlining the full costs of employment and what employers provide in terms of employment benefits.

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Evolutionary Times for RD Williams

Rod Williams has been widely acknowledged as improving the Earthmoving industry in Australia by raising the industry standards of used machinery dealers. Since 1988, Rod’s principles of standing behind everything his business does through giving the market top quality products at value for money prices has guided the direction of the RD Williams businesses. It […]

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Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Our industry is being badly let down by the lack of planning in infrastructure development. Look no further than the lack of planning regarding easing congestion around Brisbane. In 2009, plans were drawn for a $7 billion Cross River Rail (CRR). Upon change in Government in 2012, this was scrapped and replaced with Brisbane’s Bus […]


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