Who’s Responsibility?

Who’s responsibility is it to teach (and learn) Responsibility? The irresponsible (but increasingly commonly accepted) answer is: Somebody Else. One day, hopefully soon, I’ll find this person named Somebody Else. They have a huge load to carry, and must be so intuitively smart to have all the answers, that the experience will surely be like […]



Computer (or Mobile App) Games are usually seen as something anti-social, very time consuming, and almost evil. I don’t usually have the time to even try, but decided to take an interest in a game called Hayday that my kids enjoyed. It’s a Farming Commerce game, and I now encourage my kids to play it […]


What – Education?

“We don’t need no Education – We don’t need no Self Control” – not many people wouldn’t be aware of Pink Floyds epic song ‘Another Brick in the Wall’, and instantly connect these basic words to a slow and captivating beat. The fact that so many people have learned the lyrics/tune is astounding, especially when […]


“Like” Discrimination

Whether we like it or not, discrimination has existed in all societies since inception. Unfortunately, as society evolves, it’ll continue to increase and become more prevalent because communication is increasingly instant and easily distributed.

Queensland Rock Breakers

Reaching for Robotic Rock Breakers

The ability to remotely control mining equipment not only removes people from hazardous and inhospitable working environments, it offers opportunities for increased efficiency, productivity and profitability in mining and construction.  Research conducted at the CSIRO will enable the safe and effective use of telerobotic control of mining equipment over distances of thousands of kilometres.  To […]


Quick Hitch Update

So what is happening in relation to Quick Hitches in Australia? The immediate answer is NOTHING. Currently, all quick hitches that have a device (can be a manual locking pin) that prevent the bucket from falling off the hitch are allowed to be used in Australia. However, this is likely to change in the future. […]


Car Wash

How to wash your car with one bucket of water.

Who moved my cheese?

A New Year heralds the time of the year when many of us set new goals and resolutions. Unless we believe strongly enough in the Goals or the need to change, it is unlikely we’ll be successful. Most people resent change, but there is a great book written by Spencer Johnson in 1998 titled “Who […]